Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coffee...not just a breakfast and dessert beverage!

Coffee is an amazing beverage. Its every bit as diverse and complex as wine. Coffee shares a broad spectrum of flavors and undertones depending on the region where it grown, the altitude, the crops growing around the coffee, and the type of roast it is. Its hard to imagine that so many variables can have such an effect on your morning brew!

Just to give you an example, our organic coffee from Chiapas, Mexico is nutty and full of amazing dark chocolate undertones where as our organic Peru is citrusy with hints of lemongrass. Our Mexico would pair perfectly with a savory spicy meal where as our Peru would better compliment maybe a nice Mediterranean dish, full of fresh flavors. 

Coffee can be the perfect companion to meals other than breakfast and dessert. Which is why we decided to map it out for you. We have created a chart to help guide you to pairing your coffee with different types of cuisine. 

We also made new labels for the back of our coffee bags to go along with our new charts!!

The primary color along the side shows you which group of cuisine this coffee would best compliment however many of our coffees go great with other types as well which is why we have also included smaller strips of color to indicate what else you might be able to pair it with. 

We hope this new system helps you to further enjoy this remarkable bean!!

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