Monday, August 12, 2013

How we help the grower...

Anyone who has met us and heard our story always knows that at the heart of our company is the grower. We do what we do because we are their biggest fans and we love their work and if we haven't conveyed that to every person we meet then we know we aren't doing our job right. 

It is is unfortunate then to realize that even though the coffee grower is the first in line in the coffee industry they are the last to ever receive any training or information in the latest developments in coffee. How can they be expected to grow an amazing product and meet the demands of the consumer without knowledge on whats happening in this industry. It is a sad truth that the majority of growers do not even know the quality of their coffee nor have they ever tried it roasted and prepared. 

With the help of the Norman Borlaug Institute for Agriculture we developed a program to train the coffee grower not only the value chain of their product but how to understand the quality of their coffee in the international market according to the protocols of the Coffee Quality Institute and Specialty Coffee Association of America. Also how to roast, cup and analyze the economics of their production. Giving the coffee grower all the tools that he or she needs to be a profitable and well equipped business men or women.


We have seen first hand what this training does and it is truly life changing for them.  This also allows the grower to learn better practices in their land management, sustainable practices and prevention of plagues through natural and organic practices.  All the technology used in this training is possible by utilizing compatible technologies. This allows the growers to utilize what they already have to make their job easier.

Because we understand the vitality and importance of reaching out and establishing our company as an important partner in the coffee growers lives we realize we are there to help them and to learn from them.  We have learned so much and all this amazing exchange makes our product top of the line.