Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So Susan loves going to Austin! I am pretty sure if she could pack up and move there tomorrow she probably would. I myself love San Antonio but do enjoy the occasional trip to Austin. The fact is Austin is just plain fun and additionally its home to some of our favorite people who we got to visit with yesterday. :) 

Chef Troy Knapp at the Driskill Hotel was our first stop...

We had a wonderful time having lunch in the beautiful historic Driskill and then meeting with some of the fantastic chefs and management. Susan spent some time teaching them a bit about how we Q grade our coffee and the story behind our company...

 Then it was sniffing and slurping time! 

I love watching folks participate in their first cupping. Its always fun to watch them be a little nervous about the first slurping action and then needing to spit the coffee out into a cup. Of course the jokes and teasing commenced and it was all in good fun. In the end I like to think they left with a much better understanding about coffee and how to incorporate it into their menu. We love educating people on just how lovely and complex coffee really is. We look forward to working with them more in the future. 

Next stop...El Naranjo!!

My mother has been friends with Ernesto and Iliana De La Vega for a long time. Their restaurant in Austin is hands down one of my favorite places to eat. The food is always delicious!

I have never had a dish there I didn't like so next time you are in Austin you have to make this a stop. Their coffee blend is one they designed specifically for their menu with Susan and its FANTASTIC. 

Our visit was short and sweet and just a quick stop to catch up and say hello. All in all an awesome day trip meeting with friends and clients and spreading some more coffee bean love. 


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